Gwo Chyang Biotech Wins Three Awards in the Victoires de la Beauté in France

Committed to positioning itself as a global high-end facial mask manufacturer and improving its global competitiveness, Gwo Chyang Biotech (GCB) is targeting the market of the Mecca of beauty: Paris, France. In 2015, Gwo Chyang Biotech (GCB) debuted in the Victoires de la Beauté in France with its private brands, VANDIES and UNITOUCH. After a heated competition and blind experiments, we walked away with the top award in the facial mask group, garnering stellar reviews from more than 80% of the judges and returning home with our first golden trophy presented by the Victoires de la Beauté. In June 2016, our private brands, including UNTIOUCH cherry blossom extract eye essence, VANDIES, KINGIRLS, and UNITOUCH high-end facial masks, again snatched up two awards in the same cosmetics contest by successfully winning the hearts of picky French judges, giving GCB’s overseas market strategies a tremendous boost.

The highest standards for cosmetics around the globe: PIF

By actively improving our high-end skin care products, we are the first company to gain recognition from the Victoires de la Beauté, held at global fashion hub, Paris, while complying with the latest EU Cosmetic Regulations, known as the highest standards for cosmetics around the globe. The regulations stipulate that cosmetics sold within the territories of the EU member states have to come with a set of Product Information File (PIF) for inquiry. The file should include information of product, manufacturer, and responsible person, and should be constantly updated. Thanks to the PIF, GCB is more aware of the considerable emphasis the EU places on product safety. As of 2017, a total of 25 GCB products have been accredited by the EU, showcasing GCB’s ambition to tap into the overseas market.

Patents granted by multiple countries take GCB global

Paris, France is positioned at the pinnacle of the global cosmetics industry. And the fact that GCB has won three awards in the Victoires de la Beauté for two consecutive years signifies the French people’s recognition of GCB.

We’ve been involved in the three Conventional Industry Technology Development (CITD) projects launched by the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan for promoting zero addictive in cosmetics, have collaborated with Taipei Medical University to extend the application of zero-artificial-preservative technologies developed by industries, government, and academia of Taiwan to high-end facial masks, and have submitted multiple PIFs for our products to highlight our products’ uniqueness in the market. On top of that, we’ve been developing and designing facial masks for westerners based on their face shapes and dimensions by applying different cuts of facial mask materials. Moreover, we’ve rolled out an all-round macaron-shaped facial mask aluminum bag, waiting to be granted 10-plus patents in Europe, America, Japan, China, Russia, Taiwan, and South Korea, in hopes of providing our clients from around the world with a diverse array of valued facial masks. All these efforts serve as testament to GCB’s ambition and determination to break into high-end facial mask markets scattered across Europe, America, and ASEAN countries.