GCB Gwo Chyang Biotech secures 5 official EU Import Licenses with astounding new technology.

Since January 2017, Gwo Chyang Biotech's KINGIRLS Macaron Face Mask brand has received the world's highest standard of recognition for cosmetics by receiving the European Union PIF Product Information Certificate. KINGIRLS aims to continue making quality, luxury, MIT (Made in Taiwan) face masks, and will continue down the path of marketing within the European market.


Grapefruit extract invisible face mask | Raspberry extract invisible face mask | Lavender extract invisible face mask | Truffle and cocoa 3D face mask | Caviar and grape leaves 3D face mask


The world’s highest cosmetics specification – European Union’s New Regulation for Cosmetics (EC), announced that the products which sold in Europe have to apply the PIF (Product Information File), and provide the inquires at any time. The information file includes the product, manufacturer and responsible person’s information. The European Union PIF’s applying specification highly presented the EU’s attention on the security check of cosmetics products to provide the European consumers a quality assurance for high quality facial masks at the same time.