24-Hour Anti -Acne Marionnaud Swiss Launches

Marionnaud Swiss held a grand launch for KinGirls Anti-acne Serum, in early December 2023. KinGirls Anti-acne Serum is dermatologists approved to provide 24-hour effective treatment and relief for acne skin. KinGirls Anti-acne Serum was tested on 31 participants with an average age of 32. After 24 hours of use, 81% of participants experienced a reduction in redness and size of acne, and a decrease in the number of acne breakouts. 70% of participants experienced a decrease in pain and flattening of acne, while 68% experienced a fading of acne scars, 61% experienced brighter scars, and 65% reported a decrease in skin irritation.

KinGirls Anti-acne Serum features roll-on design for easy application and reduces the risk of bacterial contamination. The rollerball is made of natural black obsidian, providing a cooling sensation that calms the skin.

For the grand launch KinGirls welcome well know KOL, Marionnaud VIP and enthusiastic visitors from around the world. KinGirls Anti-acne Serum is a game-changer in the skincare industry, and its effectiveness has been proven through rigorous testing. KinGirls Anti-acne Serum received rave reviews and quickly sold out after its launch at Marionnaud stores in Swiss. The product's lightweight and portable design makes it perfect for on-the-go use and traveling.