UniTouch to be Sold at DRUNI, One of the Three Top Cosmetics Distributors of Spain

DRUNI is one of the three major cosmetics distributors of Spain alongside PRIMOR and DOUGLAS. Founded in Barcelona in 1987, DRUNI has more than 300 brick-and-mortar stores throughout Spain. In 2015, it launched an online shopping network beloved by beauty care professionals!

UniTouch is one of the hottest products sold by the three major cosmetics distributors under the LVMH Group. Developed by GCB, which has more than 55 years of experience as a pharmaceutical company, UniTouch does not contain any chemical preservatives or fragrances. Since 2015, it has been crowned cosmetics champion in France 12 times over 7 consecutive years, winning the highest recognitions and affirming the brand’s ability to provide skin with pure and natural maintenance without causing allergies or irritation. As a result, UniTouch caught the attention of DRUNI, one of the three major cosmetics distributors of Spain, and will be sold there starting in June 2022.