Premium UniTouch Beauty Products Make Their Grand Debut at Sephora

UniTouch, which has seen strong sales at three major affordable luxury cosmetic channels under the LVMH Group, launched its premium caviar bio-cellulose facial masks at Sephora in 2020. Made through fermentation of natural bacteria approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the patented super-thin bio-cellulose facial masks feel like a second skin that fits perfectly to the contours of the face. In addition, using 100% plant-derived top-class essential oils as well as a mild hypoallergenic formula sans chemical preservative, the masks deliver an easy, deep beauty care experience. This spring, UniTouch launches two other high-end skincare products at Sephora – French Champion Caviar Serum and French Champion Essence Ampoule.

2020-2021 French Beauty Product Champions UniTouch’s French Champion Caviar Serum was developed by GCB Gwo Chyang Biotech, a company with over 50 years of pharmaceutical experience. Through experimentation with countless formulas using professional aseptic processing technology, the most skin-friendly premium oil-phase beauty care product was created. French Champion Caviar Serum is a small-molecule serum, delivering a velvet-like feel characterized by “highly nourishing, fast absorbing, and super breathable”. French Champion Essence Ampoule, on the other hand, is a new type of ampoule specially designed for busy modern-day people. The use of advanced eco-friendly PETG materials reduces the risk of sharps injuries associated with traditional glass ampoules. Moreover, it is designed with a single-dose, full-face, and easy-to-transport format. In particular, the high-speed penetration effect and the excellent absorption experience of the essence microcapsule tremendously amazed discerning French judges, clenching the title of 2020-2021 Les Victoires de la Beauté.

Utilizing Three Major Anti-aging Technologies for Comprehensive Skin Deep Rejuvenation UniTouch’s French Champion Caviar Serum and French Champion Essence Ampoule are developed using rare caviar extract in combination with AA-3PLEX anti-aging patent and AG-LIPOX anti-glycation patent to provide various anti-aging treatments for ultimate skin care. Rich in nucleic acid, protein, and vitamin B12, caviar extract is able to restore skin elasticity and gloss, while preventing free radical damage. In addition, the AA-3PLEX anti-aging patent produces a firming lift effect through acetyl hexapeptide-3, creates defensive power through bifida ferment lysate, as well as accelerates the metabolism of aged skin with French criste marine stem cells. Moreover, Arginine PCA contained in AG-LIPOX anti-glycation patent and French hydrolyzed collagen may help reverse glycation-induced skin aging. UniTouch’s French Champion Caviar Serum utilizes three anti-aging technologies to simultaneously combat aging and glycation for comprehensive skin deep repair and rejuvenation.

Invited to International Fashion Week for Three Consecutive Years UniTouch, a highly sought-after brand at three major affordable luxury cosmetic channels under the LVMH Group, upholds the principles of using plant-derived essential oils instead of chemicals as well as a mild hypoallergenic formula sans chemical preservatives for its full range of skincare products. Unitouch’s beauty products enable the skin to become moisturized and delicate in an instant. Following Paris and Berlin Fashion Weeks in 2018 and 2019, UniTouch once again received an invitation to the international fashion week for the third consecutive year in 2020 with its latest products favored by emerging designer DAMUR. Earning unanimous praise from both makeup artists and fashion models, UniTouch’s boutique skincare products and fashion weeks collaborated seamlessly to create perfect makeup under the spotlight.