The Only World Champion to Win 11 French Cosmetics Awards for 6 Years in a Row

In 2020, the world suffered a turbulent environment that also produced changes in the global cosmetic market. In response to the unpredictability of 2020, GCB Gwo Chyang Biotech continues to persist in its determination. This year, the company successfully introduced its self-owned brand to three major affordable luxury cosmetic channels under the LVMH Group, including Le Bon Marché, a socialite department store in Paris, Sephora, a global cosmetic retail leader, and DFS, an affordable luxury duty-free shop in Paris. The even more exciting news is that while the pandemic induced changes in the opening time and award presentation format of Les Victoires de la Beauté, it did not hinder the passion of major brands to participate in the 2020-2021 French cosmetics contest.

As a good news from the organizer of French cosmetics award Les Victoires de la Beauté in October 2020, the skin care products by GCB Gwo Chyang Biotech—the Unitouch patented microcapsules of caviar ampoule and La Capsule Anti-Age Au Caviar, the KinGirls orchid oil, and the new Micoslab three-in-one facial mask—successfully won the 11th champion for GCB Gwo Chyang Biotech at the French cosmetics contest. This time, the new skin care products were developed, designed, and manufactured by GCB Gwo Chyang Biotech, a company with over 50 years of pharmaceutical experience. By combining professional aseptic processing with independently-patented liposomes technology, the new skin care products passed the French cosmetics award’s difficult blind test and high jury standards at one blow. This successful achievement of winning the iconic cosmetics award in France, a country that excels in skin care research and development, is undoubtedly an utmost glory and important recognition.

GCB Gwo Chyang Biotech has a long-term dedication to the technology and R&D of zero-additive skin care products. The products have been fully certified by the EU PIF (Product Information File), and they are sold through over 4500 world-famous cosmetic and luxury brand channels in 23 countries across 5 continents. Some examples include the three major affordable luxury cosmetic channels under the LVMH Group—the socialite department store in Paris Le Bon Marché, global cosmetic retail leader Sephora, and affordable luxury duty-free shop DFS—in addition to international high-end channels such as the European cosmetic chained store Marionnaud, A.S Watson Group from Switzerland, famous chained store for imported cosmetic products Afiona, and Taipei SOGO Department Store. Furthermore, GCB was an appointed brand at the Paris and Berlin Fashion Week for two years in a row. This year, GCB Gwo Chyang Biotech became the world’s only expert in zero-additive skin care technology as it swept 11 awards from the French cosmetics contest for 6 consecutive years.