La capsule anti-âge au caviar
SOGO Launches New Luxury Product for Autumn and Winter

2020-2021 Victoires de la Beauté Awarded Essential As one of the three light luxury beauty channels under the LVMH group, UniTouch is set to enter the dynamic skincare season of October 2020 with the grand launch of its premium new product which won the 2020-2021 Victoires de la Beauté this year - La capsule anti-âge au caviar. Its global inception is set at the SOGO autumn and winter new product launch event. UniTouch La capsule anti-âge au caviar was developed by Gwo Chyang Biotech (GCB), a 50-year-old pharmaceutical company. With a professional aseptic manufacturing process and countless adjustments made, GCB has designed the most comfortable premium oil-phase skin care product. The small-molecule essential oil creates a velvet touch that is ultra-breathable, highly nourishing and has fast absorption . It won the 2020-2021 Victoires de la Beauté award, successfully capturing the hearts of the critical French judges.

Three Major Anti-aging Technologies - Deep Repair InceptionUniTouch’s La capsule anti-âge au caviar combines three anti-aging technologies, utilizing rare sturgeon roe extract with AA-3PLEX anti-aging patent and AG-LIPOX anti- saccharification patent to construct the ultimate skin care for various anti-aging effects. Sturgeon roe extract is rich in nucleic acid, protein, and vitamin B12, so it can increase the suppleness and elasticity of our skin, while also preventing skin damage and blocking free radicals from destroying the skin. It combines the firming lift produced by the hexapeptide botulinum toxin contained in the AA-3PLEX anti-aging patent, as well as the defensive power of bifida ferment lysate paired with French sea fennel stem cells to accelerate the metabolism of aging skin. Simultaneously equipped with AG-LIPOX anti- saccharification patented arginine PCA and French hydrogel to reverse the aging phenomenon induced by glycation, UniTouch’s La capsule anti-âge au caviar utilizes three anti-aging technologies to simultaneously combat aging and saccharification, fully initiating deep repairs to reverse the effects of time.

Invited to International Fashion Week for three consecutive yearsAs one of the three light luxury beauty channels under the best-selling LVMH group, UniTouch features its full range of skin care products with no added chemical preservatives, adhering to the mild and hypoallergenic formula of plant-based fragrance oils instead of chemical fragrances, allowing the skin to become fully moisturized and soft in a short period of time. Following the top two international fashion weeks in Paris and Berlin in 2018 and 2019, respectively, UniTouch’s new product, La capsule anti-âge au caviar, was once again favored by emerging designer DAMUR in 2020, and was invited to participate in international fashion week events for the third consecutive years. La capsule anti-âge au caviar is highly nourishing, fast-absorbing, and super-breathable, receiving ubiquitous praise by makeup artists and models alike. The combination of boutique skin care and fashion serves to create makeup perfection under the spotlight.