Unitouch advances to premium beauty boutique NICOLE in France

Founded in 1973, France’s beauty boutique Beauty Success Group opened the high-end boutique Parfumerie NICOLE in June of 2018. Upholding the vision that beauty is a precious joy, NICOLE commits to creating a fashionable, elegant and sophisticated boutique, incorporating traditional French spirits into a modern high-end retail model that focuses on providing superior products and personalized services. Parfumerie Nicole brings together exclusive fragrances, skincare products of various premium classic brands (Chanel, Hermès, Dior) while providing professional and individually-tailored high-end skin-nurturing services!

Upholding the principles of using plant-derived essential oils instead of chemicals as well as a mild hypoallergenic formula sans chemical preservatives, Unitouch zero-additive facial masks endow the skin with soft and delicate transformations. After rigorous blind testing, the product amazed discerning French judges, winning the French beauty product champion for the fifth consecutive year as well as an invitation to become the designated brand during Paris Fashion Week and Berlin Fashion Week. As a result, Unitouch Perfection biofiber eye mask and Garden long-fiber series of facial masks were selected by the Beauty Success Group to station at the Parfumerie Nicole beauty boutique stores. The Perfection biofiber eye masks sell for 12 euros per pair, while the Garden long-fiber series of facial masks cost 10 euros each. The Unitouch and Parfumerie NICOLE collaboration provides consumers premium facial masks that are effective, gentle and safe, as Unitouch wins the favor of another European boutique distribution channel.