Meet the Generation Z cool German fashion, the 20/21 AW Berlin Fashion Week designated brand

Berlin is not boring!In 2020, Berlin, Germany is one of the most desirable cities that designers want to live in. After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the reunification of East and West Germany in 1990, the framework and restraints were suddenly lifted, and Berlin was suddenly injected with freedom, liberation and hope. That force was like a giant magnet. To date, Berlin has attracted more than half of the world's cutting-edge designers, artists, and creative workers to the fashion industry. Inducing a cool and playful attitude, Berlin can be cold and sexy, yet also avant-garde and calm. "Simplicity, innovation, and practicality" is a modern concept that Germany has created to influence the world. With its global influence, it has ascended to one of the four international fashion stages - Berlin Fashion Week

Enchanting club transformed into an industrial fashion show20/21 AW Berlin Fashion Week’s stage is located at Griess muehle Club, a well-known nightclub on Sonnenallee. As an art exhibition center in the daytime, it is strewn with different structures of modeling booths, gardens, and granaries, and in the evening it becomes a nightclub full of electronica and disco. The 20/21 AW Berlin Fashion Week’s stage utilizes the modern fashion and cool peculiar style unique to the famous club Griess muehle Club to mix and match the distinctly creative fashion show of the 20/21 AW Berlin Fashion Week.

Welcoming the Z generation – Bringing high end masks into German fashion "UNITOUCH" and "KINGIRLS " are time-saving and efficient with zero additives, creating perfect harmony with the German fashion attitude of pursuing simplicity, innovation and practicality. Favored by emerging designer DAMUR for two consecutive years, they were invited to be the designated mask brands for the 20/21 AW Berlin Fashion Week. Adhering to the mild and low-sensitivity formula of plant extract fragrance oil and no added chemical preservatives instead of chemical fragrance, the masks moisturize and tenderize the skin in a short amount of time. A mask can be a makeup tool for makeup artists, creating the perfect makeup look under the model's beauty lamp. In 2020, all major brands are gearing up to face the upcoming "Z" generation. Born after 1995, members of Generation Z are emerging rapidly. With a keen attitude towards fashion, a love of unique differentiation, and a will to transcend current trends, “UNITOUCH" and "KINGIRLS" masks set out to initiate a conversation with Generation Z through the cool fashion alliance of the 20/21 AW Berlin Fashion Week.