Unitech enters Müller, One of the Top Three Cosmetic Stores in Germany.

Müller was established by Erwin Francis Muller in 1953. Today, it has over eight hundred physical distribution channels across Europe. Amongst them, the five hundred thirty four stores located within Germany are the most pre-eminent ones. It is one of the top three most popular cosmetic stores in Germany. The reason for Müller's popularity rests in its distinction to the other distributional channels for cosmetics. Müller is categorized as a mega cosmetic department store. Each Müller store has a minimum standard of being two-story-high. The first floor accommodates sales counters for A-listed international perfumery and cosmetic brands such as Dior, Chanel, etc. At Müller, customers can simultaneously seek out luxury items as well as organic daily commodities.

In 2019, the facial masks from Unitouch entered Müller, one of the top three cosmetic stores in Germany. The formula for the Unitouch Facial Masks contains no chemical preservatives. It also uses natural herbal essential oils instead of synthetic essences. From the start, Unitouch found itself congenial with Müller's principle that heavily emphasizes on bringing their customers products that are organic, safe, and in high quality. The price for the PERFECTION series bio-cellulose-mask is 12 € /1 sheet. The price for the GARDEN series filament facial mask is 10€ /1 sheet. Unitouch has once again prevailed in the expansion with its distributional channels in the European market.