The World’s Only for 5 Years Straight
Ten Champions in French Cosmetics Contests

At 5 p.m., September 30, 2019 (GMT+1), in the neo-Baroque Theate de Paris, Gwo Chyang Biotech have been awarded its tenth les Victoires de la Beauté in its fifth year on the podium in a row. For GCB, it is the glorious moment after decades of investment, when it became the only one to get 10 consecutive French cosmetics awards in 5 consecutive years.

In August 2019, the officials from les Victoires de la Beauté have transmitted yet another good news, when GCB has won the facemasks award again. All three of our contest projects, neroli oil, muscle ampoule and Time Capsule projects, have also passed the contest’s strict blind-tests, as well as the high-standards of the judges, and won three champions. Since 2015, this is the 5th consecutive year that GCB has won a French cosmetic contest, and we have won 10 in total. This is a glorious record for our zero-additive skin care products!

The GCB has long been focusing on the technology and development of zero-additive skin care products. All our products have passed the Product Information File certification from the EU, and our brands have been available in the shops of all major cosmetics and high-end product retailers worldwide, including international high-end retailers like Le Bon March and SEPHORA from the LVMH group, the European chain Marionnaud, the AS Watson group of Switzerland, Germany’s Muller, Afiona and SOGO Taipei. We have also become the official brand for Paris and Berlin Fashion Week.