KINGIRLS facemasks
Available soon at Watsons Turkey

In July 2018, KINGIRLS brand's Who Cares facemask series officially arrived in Watsons (a retail chain operated by the world's largest health and beauty retail group A.S Watson Group) across Turkey. KINGIRLS' facemasks will be available at 350 stores as well as through the company's online retail platform. Each mask will cost over NT$200 (~4.5 Euros), and seeks to capture the market of nearly 80 million formed by Turkey's unique role as a bridge between Asia and Europe.

The New Eurasian Land Bridge which reaches into Turkey links its economy with the EU, one of the world's largest economies. Culturally, Turkey shares much with Middle Eastern and Western cultures, and is known for its rich, diverse and passionate cultural atmosphere. Such characteristics are also reflected in KINGIRLS' vibrant designs and style. This year in 2018, KINGIRLS will be working amidst the romantic Eurasian style and culture of Turkey to create a facemask skincare experience that customers won't forget.