KINGIRLS Facial Mask Enters Austria Through BIPA

On June 14th, 2018, the KINGIRLS facial mask officially debuted in BIPA stories in Austria, one of the top three retail channels under Germany’s REWE Group. With 650 stores across Austria and the Czech Republic, it has over 3.3 million members.

The KINGIRLS Macaron series consists of unique facial masks that combine youthful energy with a fashionable sense of fun. With patents from multiple countries for its macaron shapes, its truffle cocoa 3D and invisible raspberry masks have won Victoires de la Beauté in France for two consecutive years. In addition to capturing the attention of French reviewers, the KINGIRLS facial mask is being offered throughout more than 2,000 channels across twenty countries in Europe, America, and Asia to the delight of young women everywhere.

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