Sephora and UNITOUCH Are Ready for Early Spring Rejuvenation!

UNITOUCH So what series (3 pieces/box for 138 RMB) and Bad girl series (3 pieces/box for 158 RMB) are Sephora-exclusive mask series. In addition to 218 Sephora stores in 74 cities in China, you can also buy UNITOUCH So what and Bad girl series masks and find your way to beauty through Sephora online shops.

In the romantic spring of 2018, the upcoming UNITOUCH spring promotion events at Sephora send a message signal to all ladies to get ready for rejuvenation as spring is official here.

1. “It’s time for new year wishes!”Post any photos of you and any dog at the official account, you will have a chance to get UNITOUCH gift masks.

2. “I want to be radiant with you!”Tag your friends #I want to be radiant with you#interactive topic, and you will have a chance to be gifted with a radiant package with UNITOUCH bestselling radiant products.