Sephora Shanghai flagship store's exclusive release event of the brand - Unitouch

The seasons are changing, and autumn is near! After a long summer of being under the sun, the skin is fatigued from exposure. Wish to be prettier this coming autumn? Moisturizing is essential, give your skin the care it needs!

Sephora's exclusive release of the brand Unitouch which provides a series of masks that advocates originality. Women do not have to cater to the demands of others, but live a carefree, confident and honest life. Taiwan female celebrity Zhang Yunxi attended events at Sephora, Shanghai flagship store, to portray the lifestyle of Unitouch's mask series.

Do you have skin problems? It's possible your cosmetics are the roots of your problem! Makeup is full of chemical components which cause chronic poisoning over time!

The appearance of aging sagging skin, accompanied by dark spots, uneven skin tone, wrinkles and fine lines can be troublesome. Not only is natural exposure to the environment to blame, but chemical components within daily cosmetic products is to blame as well. Long term exposure to these products causes chronic poisoning to not only the skin, but the body as well.

When the skin appeared sagging, dark spots, uneven skin tone, or some wrinkles, besides from the damage of the natural environment or incorrect skin caring’s way, there’s one more reason – The chemical materials from your cosmetics products which can cause the bodies chronic poisoning. Then how the chemical materials harm your skin? Have you ever wondered how these specific components cause such a damaging affect to its users?

A few decades ago, lead and mercury whitening creams were the main source of poisoning for countless Chinese women, these products contained over 400ppm units of mercury. Although the products showed astounding whitening effects, after prolonged use women's skin become prone to pigmentation, inflammation, feeling, and other side effects. Not only were there visible effects to the skin, these women developed kidney diseases directly from mercury poisoning.

Years ago, hormone and fluorescent mask additives were the cause of women's diminishing beauty. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reported parabens (benzoates) were and still are widely used within the United States in products including shampoos, soaps and cosmetics. Studies have shown, parabens share similarities to estrogen, with improper use, may lead to potential risks of breast cancer.

Over the years, chemical preservatives such as MP, PP, MI and MCI have all been said to promote aging, increase allergies and increase health risk factors.

In light of the reasons above, Gwo Chyang Biotech founded in 1965, began cosmetics product production in 1993, and in 2013 launched skin care brand Unitouch, providing a means to healthy skin for the modern women. Overall, the company has been devoting its efforts to provide skin care products and cosmetics that are fitting for all women. Unitouch proves this is possible through their brand image, if the city is a cement jungle, why not grow your own oasis with a touch of Unitouch?

Unitouch founder, Mr. Daniel Chang, shares in depth his personal experiences and reasoning behind the creation of this brand.


The brand R&D Mr. Julien Cravedi said that over 50% of the world's population now live in urban areas. Land that was once green has now been turned almost entirely into jungles of concrete.

Unitouch uses fully natural plant essence oils instead of chemically synthesized oils. The entire series exudes the calming fragrance of floral nectar, serving to represent the brand's pursuit for simplicity and its genuine, low-key personality. Instead of seeking to supersede nature, we instead dedicate ourselves to cherishing the offerings given to us by Mother Nature.

All Unitouch formulas were developed and rigorously tested by the GCB Skin Research Center which has 50 years of skin care product manufacturing experience. Through a meticulous selection process, from naturally growing grasses and plants, the research and development team identified and extracted ingredients with skin rejuvenation and care properties. This allows the skin to experience the pureness of floral nectar, the oils of fruits, the breeze of the meadow, and the streaming of flower hydrosols in the safest and most effective method. No unwanted chemical compounds which may harm the skin, such as preservatives, added fragrances, or artificial coloring, are added.


Post-1990 girls are enjoying life in the workplace, and are of an age where life is mixed with romance. Heading towards maturity, yet maintain one’s romantic nature. Better understand how to display one’s strengths! So what? How To Be Yourself Facial Mask Series. When facing the clamor of outside voices doubting you, every girl has endless things in their heart they cannot say. Why not loudly shout “So What?!”

So What face mask series uses elastic invisible mask which is 100% Lyocell (made from plant fibers). To extract the cellulose from the plants, it uses high-pressure water column, and then form a non-woven sheet mask. These fibers are long, fine and resistant thanks to their excellent ductility and elasticity.


In recent events, Taiwan celebrity Zhang Yunxi, personal guests of Gwo Chyang Biotech, expressed her unique style which embodies the lifestyle of Unitouch's mask series. Overall, the event provided a light atmosphere and enjoyable entertainment for all guests.


Unitouch’s experience

1965 dedicated to production of sterile injection solutions
1993 research and development for multiple well known brands
2012 established skin research laboratory based in Taiwan
2013 Creation of GCB’s own brand Unitouch
2015 Complete EU import licenses
2015 Unitouch received the Victoires de la beaute awards
2017 Unitouch received the Victoires de la beaute awards for three consecutive year