Unitouch and Kingirls Face Masks official press release in North America

Gwo Chyang Biotech’s UNITOUCH branded Miss O and Kingirls Macaron face masks currently sold at 6 USD per piece in North America and Canada via online web store starting 2017’s first season.


Kingirls Macaron face masks’ design inspiration comes from the concept of the afternoon tea with macaron. The whole series of masks includes a full range of pure, organic, essential oils. The masks are also presented in a dainty foil pouch with lovely pastel themed colours, a perfect synergy of life-like details and design. The excitement of freshly macarons presented as beauty, confidence and elegance. With more information regarding Kingirls Macaron, please visit : www.kingirlsmacaron.com


UNITOUCH's Miss O circular face mask features a mysterious winking women, this character aims to remind its users that life is well spent confidently saying good-bye to all the negativity in life. Miss O spends her life expressing confidence, elegance and poise. For more information please visit: www.unitouchtw.com