• Product Planning


    Based on our years of research experiences andon the gathered arket information, we create specific products and brands for our customers with different sales characteristics in order to ncrease the competitiveness of these customized products.

  • Container Designing


    With our highly professional design team, we perfectly integrate customer brand and product image. We provide efficient, eye-catching, and customized packaging to enhance products marketing characteristics and value.

  • R & D


    With our 50 years of pharmaceutical experiences. we can fully understand and integrate costumers needs and expectations. Then with our professional. researchers, we develop the most innovative products. to offer our costumer unique and differentiated fo

  • Manufacture


    Our company has received GMP, ISO 22716 and ISO 9001 certifications, assuring that the whole fabrication process, from the basic ingredients to the final production, has been closely monitored by our highly qualified employees from the QC and R&D divisio

  • Training


    With our professional researchers developing the most innovative products, we can provide our customer with the most complex ingredients and help them improve products characteristics and formulae. So we can create unique and very competitive high-qualit

  • Marketing


    With our plant in Taiwan and in China both synchronized, we can provide products in conformity with national norms and regulations. So our customers are provided with the most perfect solution and product distribution strategy.